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1952 Chevy 3100


This is my '52 Chevy 3100 that I bought at the age of 15 from Ron Thacker (Rollo's Rod Shop) for $250. Which by the way was a hell of a deal, especially since it included a lifetime pass to his library of infinite Chevy Truck wisdom. I'm glad I was able to get the truck because it kept me interested in cars and gave me something to shoot toward completing. As you can see, I'm still shooting. Even at age 15 I was having "visions" as Ron puts it, about what I wanted the truck to turn out like. Since then, some of ideas have changed, but the basic vision has remained the same.

The entire body has been dipped, and the cab has been completely rebuilt with inner and outer front cab corners, rear cab corners, and a Bitchin' firewall. The cab, bed and fenders are test fitted now in order to route steering, brake pedal assembly, running boards etc. I have many of the parts to complete the truck, but the progress is slow.

Current Setup:

  • 327 10:1 built by Jerry Pflum - Dillsboro, IN
  • 700R4 built by John's Transmission - Aurora, IN
  • 9" w/ 4.11 posi
  • Parallel 4-link rear w/ narrowed rear frame rails
  • Mustang II front - 2" dropped spindles
  • 18x7's and 20X10's (still deciding on style of wheel)
  • Air Ride Technologies
    • Mustang II Cool Ride - front
    • Fabricated bag mounts and shock mounts - rear
    • ARC4000e Digital Air Management System

Here is some of my progress

























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