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MuscleRides.com/Pro-Touring.com - Run Through the Hills

The picture below is of the Mustang and I at the Auto-X event at 411 Raceway outside of Pigeon Forge, TN. I was originally turned on to this event (only in its 2nd year) by Pro-Touring.com (Larry Callahan) and then subsequently by MuscleRides.com (Bill Howell and Steve Chryssos). Pro-Touring.com was truely an innovater in the area of online collaboration between auto enthusiasts and from my understanding coined the term "G-Machine". The original membership was largely comprised of first generation Camaro owners, but in recent years has exploded to include any/all types of cars. All I can say is, check out the site! If you like cars, you'll like it.

Bill Howell and Steve Chryssos were early members of Pro-Touring.com and recently decided to form MuscleRides.com in order to expand upon what Larry Callahan had and still is doing with Pro-Touring.com. MuscleRides differs in that it is an online magazine as well (webzine, I think is the correct term) and also that they are very much open to all sorts of "hot rods". Again, check out the site!

Friday night we completed the "Run Through the Hills" which was a very scenic drive on some twisty roads through the Smoky's.

Saturday we were up bright and early and off to 411 Dragway (1/8mi). It was foggy and the track was wet, so we didn't run much until mid morning, but once we got going, boy did we get some passes in. I think I ran like 14 times. The best I could do (spinning though first and most of second) was an 8.92 @ 82.76mi/hr w/ a 60' time of over 2 seconds. I have to believe that some sticky tires would help the car a ton on the drag strip. Lots of big name cars attended and some even broke some serious parts (ie: Bob Johnson's G-Force Cuda) destroyed the output shaft and transaxle. Project Prodigy also blew out the rear end.

Sunday we were up at the crack of dawn again to head back to 411 Raceway to begin the setup of the Auto-X. I had never been to an Auto-X event before. It was absolutely awesome. I wish I had been able to stay longer and get 4 more runs in. I didn't push my car very hard on the first three runs, but I still had a blast. I can wait until next year!


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