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1967 Chevy II SS

This is my Dad's 1967 Chevy II. He bought the car in 1982 and completed it in August of that year. At that time the car had a 327, 4-speed, with 4.88 gears in the Chevy II 12 bolt. A combination of clutch linkage problems (partly due to not having a Chevy II block) and the 327 developing a vibration, that I'm sure the 4.88's contributed to, it soon recieved a 350 from Zimmerman's Speed Shop, a Powerglide and 3.73's. Dad was not to impressed with the Powerglide on the street, so it was replaced with a 350 Turbo. This combination remained in the car until he purchased a '48 Chevy Sedan in 1992. The Nova donated its powertrain to the '48 project. It then recieved a 283 Chevy II block built by Wayne Caudill and a Muncie 4-speed. Although still in pretty good condition the paint was wearing thin, so in the Spring of 1998 Dad repainted it. In 1999 a new interior kit was installed by Mike McHenry. In the Fall of 2002 he bought and we installed a Fatman Fabrication strut front suspension kit (install pics). In the Fall of 2003 a GM spec. Tremec TKO was purchased from Forte's, along with a crossmember from National Nostalgic Nova, and a Pro 5.0 shifter. This combination with the 283 took us to Charolotte, NC and back to Yorkville, IN in Oct. of 2003 with not trouble and getting approx. 21mpg.

Current Setup:

  • '66 Chevy II, 283 bored .060
  • GM spec. Tremec TKO w/ Pro 5.0
  • Chevy II 12 bolt, 3.73
  • Hooker Super Comps Jet Hot coated w/ 2 chamber Flowmasters
  • Fatman Fabrication strut suspension



























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